Holistic Psychotherapy


You are the perfect healer

Your mind, heart, body, and spirit want you to be healthy. Highly sensitive people have a strong intuitive sense about this, but often ignore it, which can lead to a breakdown in mental and emotional health. Through holistic therapy, I can teach you how to access your own innate healing process.


  • Get grounded in your body. Learn how to calm your body and mind. I often begin with conscious breathing for quick relief and calming. Grounding and shielding techniques can help highly sensitive people thrive.
  • Know that you have help and a guide to your healing path.
  • Once the body and mind are a bit calmer, we can begin to look at deeper subconscious levels, and clear the energy of old traumas that may be keeping you stuck in old unproductive patterns.
  • At the same time, you will learn how to master your own mind, and use the power of your thoughts to positively change your experience.


If you’re ready for change, healing is possible for you! Clients I’ve worked with have moved from serial dating in draining relationships to marriage. From nearly quitting their jobs or careers to finding more satisfying work. From numerous health complaints to feeling at home in their bodies for the first time. From feeling barely able to leave home to leading full lives of travel, creative expression, and relationships.