Writing to connect with your spiritual guides
TBD • Chelsea, NYC

Do you believe you have spiritual guides and angels who are looking out for you, subtly guiding you through your life? Imagine having spiritual “mentors” who give you unconditional love and help with decisions, healing, and spiritual growth. Now imagine communicating with them directly! You don’t need to be “psychic”; everyone can do this.


In this fun and playful workshop, you will learn how easy and helpful it is to access your guides and receive their messages through writing. You can learn the basics in one day and have it as a beautiful resource for the rest of your life!


  • Self-expression – Opens up your creative flow unhindered by self-criticism.
  • Remove blocks to action – Helps you discover and release subconscious fears that block you.
  • Improve decision making – Focuses your mind and heart and helps you gain clarity.
  • Deeply healing – Your guides are here to help you heal so you can live a fulfilling and happy life. The writings will guide you toward healing and remind you daily of their unconditional love.
  • Increase joy – Reduces inner chaos and overwhelm, and leads to a growing sense of inner peace and integration. This shift allows feelings of joy to spontaneously emerge.


The 3-hour workshop is a mix of simple teachings about guided writing and the subconscious, practice writing sessions, and discussion. Includes movement and visualization exercises to help get you in the flow state. Sharing your writings is optional, but all questions are very welcome!

If you have questions about this workshop, please feel free to email me.


“The workshop was eye-opening and heart-opening for me…. Melanie’s warmth, humor, and wisdom helped to make it both a fun and a profound experience that stayed with me.”  LK

“I thought the workshop was wonderful.  Melanie’s passion for it came through completely.  She taught it really well.”  Sarah

“The workshop was very helpful.  I have done some spiritual work in the past, but none of my previous teachers gave me such clear and simple tools to continue working on my own.”  KD

“[The workshop] was so lovely and such a beautiful tool I can bring into my life.” Attendee